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Servo Feed Control and Press Feed Line
Retrofit / Rebuild Service

Formtek-Maine is pleased to offer the following factory installation services of a drive & control retrofit or a complete rebuild/refurbish:


Drive and Control Retrofit:

The customer sends the machine to the factory, where we clean up and repaint the unit as needed, mount the new motor, plate, and coupling, and hook up the new control. Our engineers tune the drive and perform the test run. We inspect the machine and ship it back to the customer.

Complete Rebuild (Refurbish):

The customer sends the machine to the factory, where our technicians will clean and disassemble the unit and make a list of all parts in need of replacement. We will then submit to you a quote for pricing and delivery on the parts, along with labor to re-assemble the machine. Upon receipt of a purchase order, we will order all parts, install the control, motor, mounting plate, motor coupling, and all additional parts purchased for rebuild. We will repaint the machine, tune the drive, and perform a test run. We inspect the machine and ship it back to the customer.

This is our preferred method of installation, as we have our entire technical staff, facilities, and supplies at our disposal. The customer is responsible for all freight costs.

If you require our service technician to integrate the new control with the other equipment in the feed line, your press, or other auxiliary equipment, any service time required to do so will require a separate purchase order and will be charged according to our standard Formtek-Maine Field Service Rates.

Please call 1-800-247-2645 x 205 for a comprehensive quote for your specific equipment.

Benefits of an AC Drive & Control Upgrade:


  • Increased production rates
  • Greater capability of the control
  • User-friendly operator interface
  • Easy-to-navigate menus
  • Increased job capacity of up to 999 jobs
  • +/- .001” in-motion micro adjust
  • Complete diagnostics & job status screens
  • Jog to a preset length
  • Downloading of feed parameters from external source
  • RS 232 downloading capability
  • Plug-and-Play
  • Capability for gag tooling
  • AC motors are more reliable than DC motors
  • Require less maintenance
  • More stable than the old DC drive
  • No carbon brushes to replace
  • Encoders are internal, reducing damage
  • No tach generators are necessary
  • Replacements are much less frequent
  • Significantly less expensive
  • Parts are more likely to be in stock
  • Easier to cross-reference for replacement
  • The same drive & control we use on all our new machines
  • Parts readily available for quick delivery
  • Superior service for operation & maintenance
  • Electrics are current with today’s standards Offers increased life of your servo feed

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